Reusing furniture contributes to a more sustainable world

Most office furniture is designed, produced, and sold within a linear business model, resulting in valuable natural resources being simply discarded.

Soeco aims to disrupt this pattern and change the prevailing attitude towards the throwaway culture within the office furniture industry. We ensure that used furniture replaces newly manufactured items in offices, restaurants, and other public spaces. This also means fewer new pieces of furniture need to be produced from new raw materials and resources.

We start by reconditioning, renovating, and repairing the furniture we acquire, ensuring they are reused by selling or renting them to new customers. Often, we refine furniture and create entirely new functionalities based on our customers' preferences


By doing so, we effectively extend the actual lifespan of office furniture (and/or its components) and simply do more with less. This is crucial, as the ability to increase the actual lifespan of a product plays the most significant role in a circular business model.

The benefits of reusing office furniture contribute to economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Economic sustainability arises from our ability to offer office furniture at lower prices to businesses with a limited budget.

Environmental sustainability is built on the fact that reusing office furniture contributes to reduced consumption. Finally, social sustainability emerges as we create job opportunities where various craftsmanship skills come into play.