We extend the lifespan of office furniture

We refurbish office furniture and strive to reuse more used furniture that has served its purpose in various offices. The most significant environmental impact in a furniture's lifecycle occurs not during its use but in the manufacturing and waste management phases.

Therefore, substantial environmental savings can be achieved by refurbishing office furniture, allowing more used items from offices to be reconditioned and reused. Extending the lifespan of furniture is the single most crucial measure in a circular business model. Simply put, if a used piece of furniture can be reconditioned and refurbished instead of being discarded, it conserves both natural resources and energy. Soeco has a comprehensive and established operation for this purpose.


Renew your office and give your furniture a second chance with our upholstery service! We take care of your existing furniture by reupholstering them with new fabrics and replacing the padding. By choosing our service, you not only make your workspace more attractive, but you also extend the lifespan of your furniture, reducing the need for new production. This sustainable choice contributes to preserving natural resources and minimizing environmental impact.

Our dedicated upholstery team ensures that each piece of furniture is treated with care and skill, resulting in a high-quality outcome. By investing in upholstery with us, you take a step towards a more sustainable future while creating a stylish work environment.

Let's together give your office a refresh and make a difference for both your workspace and the environment. With our focus on extending the lifespan of furniture and promoting sustainability, upholstery with us is not just an aesthetic upgrade but also a responsible choice for the future.

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