MIA - Your Digital Inventory Assistant

Have you ever faced the challenge of purchasing new office chairs, only to discover that you already have several unused ones in the company's basement? Soeco understands the frustration and resource waste that such situations can bring. That's why we've developed the MIA app (Mobile Inventory Assistant for Workplace Environment) – your perfect partner to keep track of office furniture and avoid unnecessary purchases.

Soeco's MIA app offers a simple and convenient inventory solution for all your office furniture directly from your mobile device. By using the app, you can easily map and document each piece of furniture with both text and images, eliminating the risk of duplicate purchases and ensuring optimal use of existing resources.

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1. Efficient Inventory: The MIA app streamlines the inventory process, making it quick and easy. Using your mobile device, you can effortlessly go through each office space and add or update information about each piece of furniture.

2. User-Friendly Design: The app is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can easily determine who has access and what information is displayed, giving you full control over the inventory process.

3. Clear Mapping: Create lists of rooms, individuals, or other guidelines to clearly map out your office furniture. This facilitates both the inventory process and quickly finding specific information when needed.

4. Image and Information: Add pictures and detailed information about each piece of furniture to avoid misunderstandings. Having visual documentation makes it easier to communicate and make decisions about the use and placement of furniture.

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Save Time and Money for Your Company:

The Soeco MIA app is designed to make the inventory process as seamless and efficient as possible. By avoiding duplicate purchases and maximizing the use of existing furniture, you not only save time but also money for your company. The simplicity of conducting inventory directly on your mobile device allows you to focus on what truly matters – creating a productive and sustainable work environment.

Free for Our Framework Agreement and Returning Customers:

To further facilitate our customers, the MIA app is completely free for our framework agreement customers and returning clients. We strive to offer tools that are not only practical but also cost-effective to support your company's needs.

Take Control of Your Office Furniture with the MIA App:

The Soeco MIA app is your reliable companion for organizing your office environment. Take control of your office furniture, avoid unnecessary costs, and create a workspace that is sustainable and efficient. Download the MIA app today and experience the benefits of a modern and user-friendly inventory solution. Welcome to a smarter and more sustainable future for your company's workspace!