Through upcycling, we create new furniture using leftover components

In addition to reconditioning and renovating in our own workshop, we also create new furniture and interior designs from leftover materials through a process known as upcycling. This is a crucial aspect of our circular business model, which aims to extend the lifespan of existing resources.

In practical terms, this means that based on our clients' preferences, we craft new, functional furniture with innovative features using remnants or components from products that, for various reasons, have become obsolete and cannot be reused in their original form.

A common form of furniture upcycling for us involves creating various shelves and storage units using used tabletops. We also design reception desks in different styles based on our clients' preferences. Similarly, we construct ottomans, benches, and sofas using old materials and second-hand office furniture. At times, our upcycling efforts involve giving worn-out wooden chairs a new lease on life by simply reupholstering them with fabric.