Office furniture that looks like new but costs like second-hand

Soeco is dedicated to reducing the throwaway culture in the office furniture industry. We started in 2012 with a fundamental vision of contributing to a sustainable world and a compassionate society.

This is the foundation of everything we do. With transparency and professionalism, we build long-term relationships, keep our promises, stay dynamic, and continuously enhance our expertise. In practical terms, Soeco contributes to reuse by acquiring high-quality, used office furniture that companies, institutions, and municipalities want to dispose of.

If the office furniture is in good enough condition, we recondition it, and if necessary, we can also renovate or repair it. Additionally, we refine and customize entire or partial office furniture to create new functions and solutions for our clients.

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In our upholstery workshop in Dalby, we renew furniture by reupholstering them with new fabric and padding, significantly extending their lifespan. In addition to sewing new upholstery, we also take care of the frame's surface condition if it is worn or if a different color is desired – in such cases, we perform lacquering.

Our carpentry workshop has virtually unlimited possibilities; they restore furniture or create new custom solutions based on specific drawings.

Our goal is always to create as many usage cycles as possible, both for entire pieces of furniture and individual components. Office furniture that does not meet a sufficiently high quality is disassembled into components and sent for recycling.

At Soeco, you get high-quality, well-designed reused office furniture that looks like new but costs like used. At the same time, you contribute to a slightly more sustainable world. Simply smarter than new! You can choose whether to rent or buy. We offer high service levels, precise delivery times, and provide good warranties.

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