Sustainable office spaces in a converted machinery hall

It is with great joy that Green Innovation takes its first steps into new premises at SLU in Alnarp. Soeco has had the honor of leading the transformation of an old machinery hall into inspiring office spaces, infused with the theme of cultivation and agriculture. Here, we have created an environment that not only accommodates workspaces, conference areas, and custom meeting modules but also features a unique reception desk and Campus chairs with upholstered armrests.

Green Innovation Content2

The project extended beyond traditional interior design and became a comprehensive effort to unite sustainability and innovation. By integrating undulating fields and green plants, we have created an atmosphere that provides Green Innovation with a creative platform for meetings and idea development. The result is an exciting new work environment that not only supports the company's needs but is also part of the circular flow, where reuse and design go hand in hand to shape the future of green office spaces.

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