Greener office with used office furniture

In collaboration with Wahlström Design, we have delivered used office furniture to Destination Jönköping, which recently moved to its new office at Werket. Our project included thoughtful interior design that both promotes environmental consciousness and creates an aesthetically pleasing work environment.

At their previous office, various models of height-adjustable desk frames were used. Here, we helped complement them with used frames of the model that was most common so that all desks became uniform. These desks were complemented with ash laminated desktops, screen dividers, and power dots, facilitating employees to charge their devices conveniently and efficiently. The client chose to reuse their existing office chairs.

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Suistanable Interior Design in Focus

In the office, personal storage units have also been placed, where we have repainted the doors in various shades of green, which not only enhances the aesthetics but also contributes to a more personalized work environment.

The kitchen area has been transformed with our delivered sofas, upholstered chairs, and tables. These pieces of furniture have undergone extensive renovation, including reupholstering and repainting, to match the client's preferences and needs. Additionally, the client has chosen to reuse their existing wooden chairs.

The lounge area has also been refreshed with a reused daybed that has been both repainted and reupholstered, creating a relaxing and pleasant environment for employees to take a break in.

Destination Jönköping is a great example of how mixing existing furniture with reused items can create both a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing work environment. Well done!

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