Castellum's Environmentally Smart Moves

Castellum Jönköping has taken significant responsibility when it comes to environmental conservation during the renovation of the former Swedish Board of Agriculture into Werket. There were about a hundred worn-out Lammhults Campus conference chairs that were in need of extensive refurbishment. The worn-out chairs underwent a reupholstering process, padding repairs, and armrest re-lacquering. The cost amounted to one-third of the price of a new Lammhults Campus chair.

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The Workplace of the Future in Jönköping

The Werket is envisioned to be a dynamic, innovative, and inclusive hub in the heart of the city, with a strong focus on sustainability and health in all its facets. The property spans approximately 21,000 square meters and comprises a mix of coworking spaces, flexible and traditional office areas, as well as various service facilities. This transformation underscores how one can combine functionality and design with environmental awareness and a focus on health in modern work environments.

"In addition to the sustainability aspect and economic benefits, the renovation also resulted in a stylish and functional Auditorium at the Werket. Thanks for a smooth and accommodating collaboration," says Åsa Haralsson Brantgården, head of commercial management at Castellum Jönköping, about the project. 

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