Reuse with Personalized Touch

At Soeco, we had the great pleasure of collaborating with LIVA Interi├Âr Design to deliver recycled office furniture in a restored finish, resulting in a tasteful and personalized work environment.

The client chose to purchase workstations such as desks, office chairs, and room dividers through us, featuring brands like ROL, Kinnarps, G├Âtessons, and Lintex.

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In the conference room, we created a cohesive and stylish atmosphere by delivering conference chairs and whiteboards that match the meeting tables, with brands like Lintex and Kinnarps playing a key role. The dining chairs, the Erik model from Stolab, added an extra touch of elegance and comfort.

All furniture underwent extensive reupholstering or repainting to meet the client's desire for a unique and personalized touch to the interior. The result is a blend of recycled elegance and tailored functionality, where each choice has been made with care and understanding of Storefactory's unique style and needs.

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