Suistanable office makeover in Malmö

When the audit firm Grant Thornton decided to move to their new premises in Malmö, it opened up an opportunity for a more sustainable and inspiring work environment. In this creative and environmentally conscious context, we at Soeco became proud partners in the process.

In the kitchenette, lounge, and reception, we implemented recycled furniture to give each space a unique character and reduce the environmental impact. Each piece of furniture was given a second chance at life, not only providing ecological value but also contributing to a warm and personalized atmosphere.

Grant Thornton Content

By combining modern design with reuse, this collaboration showcased not only our commitment to sustainability but also our ability to create a cohesive and functional design aesthetic. Grant Thornton's new work environment thus became not just a place to work but also an expression of their commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Grant Thornton Content2