Reuse and creativity come together at Förslövs Library

Förslövs Library has undergone a fantastic transformation with the implementation of a playful corner created with consideration for reuse and creativity. The furniture, whose previous purposes had been worn out, were given new life through reupholstering and painting to create a fairy-tale atmosphere. It's a childishly fun project brought to life through a good collaboration between our skilled sales team, experienced carpenters, upholsterers, and Förslövs Library.

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The corner is not just a place for play but has also been carefully designed to promote a tranquil reading environment. The sound-absorbing birds float on the ceiling, and the tree crowns adorn the bookshelves. The entrance resembles an inviting cave entrance, creating an exciting beginning to the literary adventure that awaits.

This project is an excellent example of how creativity and sustainability can be combined to create an inspiring and inviting environment for both young and adult visitors at Förslövs Library. 

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